My story begins Christmas morning 1987, when I received two gifts that would change my life forever, my first computer, an Apple IIC and my first skateboard.

Living in a small suburban town in northern New Jersey is where I began to skate. I learned how to ollie, grind and railslide with my Christian Hosoi Hammerhead as I listened to Golden Age hip-hop groups such as Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest and the Beastie Boys. As a result, skateboard graphics and hip-hop album covers highly influenced my first designs.

Eleven years later, my hobby in computer art led me to my first graphic design job with one of the top urban brands in the world, Ecko Unlimited. There I learned the art of silk-screening, garment dying, denim and apparel production. Being part of Ecko, my craze and passion for hip-hop culture and skateboarding had met a third, streetwear.

Since then, I have worked in the IT, food and fashion industries as a Web Developer, Graphic Coordinator and Art Director. My responsibilities have been to create, test, and implement design concepts for apparel, print, web, packaging and advertising campaigns for companies such as Universal Music Group, Pepe Jeans London, Interbrand, Kohl’s and Jacob & Co.

In my current role as a Graphic Design Director for Nike YA, I work closely with cross functional teams to conceptualize and launch seasonal lines while managing the overall graphic design process, from development & design to production.